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Reviewed by Jo Beall, a lecturer in social policy and planning in developing countries, London School of Economics and Political Studies, University of London
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POLICY ARENA: Social capital in waste—a solid investment?
Both decentralization and 'civic engagement' are key concerns in current debates on solid waste management (SWM). This paper examines two different examples of community involvement in solid wasteExpand
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Uniting a Divided City; Governance and Social Exclusion in Johannesburg
Part 1: Ways of Understanding Divided Cities - Introduction to a Divided City * Reverberations from a Divided City * Part 2: The Changing Spatial Structure of the City - Beyond Racial Fordism:Expand
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Emergent Democracy and ‘Resurgent’ Tradition: Institutions, Chieftaincy and Transition in KwaZulu-Natal*
This article explores chieftaincy in democratic South Africa and particularly in KwaZulu-Natal, where traditional leadership is vocal and politically embedded. Informed by institutional theories, weExpand
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Valuing Social Resources or Capitalizing on Them? Limits to Pro-poor Urban Governance in Nine Cities of the South
Drawing on research in nine cities of Africa, Asia and Latin America, evidence of local-level networks and associational life is analysed, to assess where benefits accrue when they are harnessed inExpand
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Households, livelihoods and urban poverty
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Social policy for development
Social Policy for Development Local, National and Global Dimensions Poverty and Development The Challenge for Social Policy Social Policy and Rural Development From Modernization to SustainableExpand
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Decentralizing Government and Decentering Gender: Lessons from Local Government Reform in South Africa
Localization and decentralization are frequently presented as good for women. However, the reality is not so clear cut. Local government is the tier that is closest to people, but relationships,Expand
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Cities and Development
By 2030 more than sixty percent of the world's population will live in urban areas, with most of the world’s population growth over the next twenty-five years being absorbed by cities and towns inExpand
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