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Reconstructing Mercantilism: Consensus and Conflict in British Imperial Economy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Abstract:Mercantilism is a term that has withstood enormous scrutiny from historians since the middle of the twentieth century. The fact that economic thinkers in the seventeenth and eighteenthExpand
Cholera in the time of civil war. Liberia.
170 years of strife in Liberia between freed slaves from the Americas (Americo-Liberians) and indigenous tribes erupted in 1980 when a member of the indigenous ethnic group the Khran overthrew andExpand
Es posible rechazar la palabra postmodernismo a nivel teórico porque tiende a representar una "bolsa de etiquetas" dentro de la cual se vierte toda la literatura producida alrededor de la últimaExpand
The Civil War as Total War: Madison, WI and the Creation of a Homefront
  • J. Barth
  • Political Science
  • 10 December 2010
This project studies Madison, Wisconsin during the Civil War and analyzes how it served as a “homefront” during the conflict. It examines how the media, government, soldier interaction, andExpand
Dynamic quality regulation of the electricity grid
The electricity grid has become a major bottle neck for the transition to a low carbon economy. Especially, increasing distances between electricity supply and demand on the one hand and fluctuatingExpand
Growth, Prosperity and the environment: Integrating environmental and social indicators into QUEST
Currently the EU and the world face several complex and interconnected challenges. These range from climate change and loss of biodiversity to high levels of inequality and precarious work. At theExpand