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Symptom validity assessment: practice issues and medical necessity NAN policy & planning committee.
Symptom exaggeration or fabrication occurs in a sizeable minority of neuropsychological examinees, with greater prevalence in forensic contexts. Adequate assessment of response validity is essentialExpand
Sex differences in outcome following sports-related concussion.
OBJECT Females comprise an increasing percentage of the athlete population across all age groups, and analysis of recent literature reveals that they sustain more concussions in collegiate sports.Expand
Disability caused by minor head injury.
The authors studied 538 patients who had sustained minor head trauma, which was defined as a history of unconsciousness of 20 minutes or less, a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 13 to 15, andExpand
Summary of evidence-based guideline update: Evaluation and management of concussion in sports
Objective: To update the 1997 American Academy of Neurology (AAN) practice parameter regarding sports concussion, focusing on 4 questions: 1) What factors increase/decrease concussion risk? 2) WhatExpand
Neuropsychological evaluation in the diagnosis and management of sports-related concussion.
A mild traumatic brain injury in sports is typically referred to as a concussion. This is a common injury in amateur and professional athletics, particularly in contact sports. This injury can beExpand
Cognitive impairment in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and associated hypoxemia.
Twenty-six patients with sleep apnea had neuropsychologic testing prior to nocturnal sleep study in a sleep disorders clinic. The cognitive functioning of patients who had sleep apnea with associatedExpand
Neuropsychological functioning and recovery after mild head injury in collegiate athletes.
OBJECTIVE This study prospectively examined neuropsychological functioning in 2300 collegiate football players from 10 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division A universities. The study wasExpand
Symptom-based assessment of the severity of a concussion.
OBJECT Current grading systems of concussion and return-to-play guidelines have little empirical support. The authors therefore examined the relationships of the characteristics and symptoms ofExpand