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A genealogy of sovereignty
Preface 1. Introduction: sovereignty and fire 2. The problem: deconstructing sovereignty 3. Beyond subject and structure: towards a genealogy of sovereignty 4. Inventing outsides: proto-sovereignty,
Three Concepts of Globalization
This article is a brief inquiry into the meaning and function of the concept of globalization within the social sciences during the last decade. Describing the ontological presuppositions and
The Critique of the State
1. Forbidden impossibilities 2. Unpacking the living museum: the state and the emergence of political science 3. A plurality of monisms: throwing the state out 4. An indivisible remainder: the state
Making Sense of Global Civil Society
This article purports to explain why the concept of global civil society recently has attracted so much interest within academic and political discourse. Given the ambiguity and apparent incoherence
The Concept of Sovereignty Revisited
This essay, in discussing some recent contributions to the contemporary debate on sovereignty, focuses on what is at stake in this debate. While most authors today agree that the meaning of the
Making Exceptions
Analyse du concept de coup d'etat a la lumiere de l'histoire de sa technique, definie comme technique de l'exception, et a la lumiere de la formation de l'identite poltique moderne, essentiellement
Three concepts of recognition
Relations 9(4):491–542. Whelan, Frederick G. 1983. ‘‘Prologue: Democratic Theory and the Boundary Problem.’’ In Liberal Democracy, edited by Pennock, J. Roland and Chapman, John W. New York: New York
Symposium ‘The politics of international recognition’
Recognition plays a multifaceted role in international theory. In rarely communicating literatures, the term is invoked to explain creation of new states and international structures; policy choices
Visions of World Community
1. A conceptual history of world community 2. Paradoxes of world community 3. In the beginning was the world 4. Nationalizing community 5. Reinventing mankind 6. Globalizing community 7. Community
The Social Construction of Globality
Today the concept of globality is widely used to describe a condition characterized by the presence a single sociopolitical space on a planetary scale. Yet international relations theory has been