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The Anthropic Cosmological Principle
Is there any connection between the vastness of the universes of stars and galaxies and the existence of life on a small planet out in the suburbs of the Milky Way? This book shows that there is. InExpand
Further evidence for cosmological evolution of the fine structure constant.
The results of a search for time variability of the fine structure constant alpha using absorption systems in the spectra of distant quasars find no systematic effects which can explain the results. Expand
An order of magnitude sensitivity gain is described for using quasar spectra to investigate possible time or space variation in the fine structure constant $\ensuremath{\alpha}$. Applied to a sampleExpand
Sudden future singularities
We show that a singularity can occur at a finite future time in an expanding Friedmann universe even when ? > 0 and ? + 3p > 0. Explicit examples are constructed and a simple condition is given whichExpand
Impossibility: The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits
The art of the impossible the hope of progress back to the future being human techological limits cosmological limits deep limits impossibility and us impossibility - taking stock.
Possible evidence for a variable fine structure constant from QSO absorption lines: Motivations, analysis and results
An experimental search for variation in the fundamental coupling constants is strongly motivated by modern high-energy physics theories. Comparison of quasar absorption line spectra with laboratoryExpand
Universal rotation - How large can it be?
On presente une analyse detaillee de la distribution de temperature prevue pour le rayonnement de fond microonde dans des univers plats, ouverts et fermes, possedant de petites anisotropies. On enExpand
  • J. Barrow
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  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 1 June 1993
Magnetohydrodynamics in the Early Universe and the Damping of Non-linear Alfven Waves
The evolution and viscous damping of cosmic magnetic fields in the early universe is analyzed. Using the fact that the fluid, electromagnetic, and shear viscous energy-momentum tensors are allExpand
Pi in the sky