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Sleep magnetic resonance imaging: Dynamic characteristics of the airway during sleep in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
  • J. Barrera
  • Medicine, Psychology
    The Laryngoscope
  • 1 June 2011
To determine the dynamic characteristics of airway obstruction in subjects with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) syndrome, a large number of patients with OSA syndrome are fitted with a central apnea machine.
Detection of Occult Cervical Micrometastases in Patients With Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer
Objective The incidence of occult nodal metastases associated with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and the clinical significance of nodal micrometastases by cytokeratin
Measurements of orbital volume change using computed tomography in isolated orbital blowout fractures.
Consistent volume measurements can be obtained using different 3-D image analysis programs and can ensure a good surgical result and thereby decrease the incidence of enophthalmos.
Malignancy detection by molecular cytogenetics in clinically normal mucosa adjacent to head and neck tumors.
Interphase FISH demonstrated great applicability in detecting chromosome imbalance associated with malignancy in HNSCC and clinically normal adjacent cells, thereby detecting subclinical tumorigenesis.
Drug‐Induced Sleep Endoscopy and Surgical Outcomes: A Multicenter Cohort Study
To evaluate the association between findings of blinded reviews of preoperative drug‐induced sleep endoscopy (DISE) examinations using the VOTE Classification and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
Comparative Computation of Orbital Volume From Axial and Coronal CT Using Three-Dimensional Image Analysis
The orbital volume from coronal scans is underestimated compared with that from the axial scans, and the criterion for anterior limit of measurement can affect volume determination.
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Zygomatic-Maxillary Complex Fracture Patterns
Fracture severity, as determined by multiple parameters in this novel evaluation system, is associated with higher rates of ORIF in patients with unilateral ZMC fractures, and may be informative when considering treatment options.
Skeletal Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
  • J. Barrera
  • Medicine
    Otolaryngologic clinics of North America
  • 1 December 2016