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Eva Hild ’ s Perpetual Motion in Snow
This paper considers a space based on a mathematical concept called GridField Geometry; with an equivalent version called Polar GridField Geometry. The two geometries are compared in their respective
Dynamical systems are a well-known branch of mathematics, but until the arrival of computers the sheer number of calculations involved made them impractical for real use. The computer’s ability to
Freeform surfaces adaptation using developable strips and planar quadrilateral facets
Almost all industrialized materials commonly employed at engineering and building construction are approximately unstretchable, metal sheets, plywood or glass. So there is no doubt about the
An Introduction to the Vesica Piscis, the Reuleaux Triangle and Related Geometric Constructions in Modern Architecture
The focus of this paper is the Vesica Piscis, a symbol made from the intersection of two circles of the same radius and where the centre of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. The
Quantification of the Structural Stresses in Steel Bridges by Means of the X-ray Diffraction Technique: The Case of the Bizkaia Bridge (Industrial World Heritage Site in Spain)
One of the most interesting challenges for the scientific community in the field of structural analysis is the development of new non-destructive experimental techniques (NDT). The research presented
Laminar Constructions and Reciprocal Structures
Reciprocal structures are constructed by using a wide variety of patterns. These designs are a good source of inspiration when working with laminar constructions (sheets). Using the same formal
Freeform Surfaces Adaptation through Developable Surfaces Using Apparent Contours
Reinterpreting some topics of projective geometry that allows the use of certain CAD software, jumping from the physical to the digital drawing system, has been developed a method allows the adaptation of free forms through developable surfaces using apparent contours that the authors can draw over these free form surfaces.
Expanding the Mandelbrot Set into Higher Dimensions
When in 1980 Benoit Mandelbrot described the z→z+c formula, many mathematicians and programmers tried to expand the Mandelbrot Set into the third dimension. But all of them where stopped by the
Fractals and Multi Layer Coloring Algorithms
This paper provides an overview of the coloring algorithms in popular use and how they can be combined and superposed, and indicates that multi layer fractals are the source of some of the richest fractal imagery being produced today.