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Host Your Web Site In The Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy: Amazon EC2 Made Easy
  • J. Barr
  • Computer Science
  • 21 September 2010
Host Your Web Site On The Cloud is your step-by-step guide to this revolutionary approach to hosting and managing your websites and applications. Cloud computing gives you the tools you need to
AI Gets a Brain
In the 50 years since John McCarthy coined the term artificial intelligence, much progress has been made toward identifying, understanding, and automating many classes of symbolic and computational
Web services considered harmful?
It has been estimated that all of the Web Services specifications and proposals ("WS-*") weigh in at several thousand pages by now. At the same time, their predecessor technologies such as XML-RPC
Platform independent user interface builders: where are we headed?
Platform independence means that a user interface can be specified and created using a particular combination of hardware, operating system, and windowing environmen~ that single specification can
1001 golf holes : You must play before you die
Every golfer dreams of having the chance to play a great hole. With over 800 illustrations from international golf courses across the world 1001 Golf Holes takes you to the world's best. Fact boxes
SOA Industry Summit
  • J. Barr
  • Computer Science
    IEEE International Conference on Services…
  • 18 September 2006
Jeff Barr meets regularly with developers in the U.S. and internationally to introduce Amazon Web Services and to help them build businesses and applications with the program's services.