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A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
Yesterday, that great invertebrate in the White House signed into the law the Telecom “Reform” Act of 1996, while Tipper Gore took digital photographs of the proceedings to be included in a bookExpand
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The great work
Earlier in this century, the French phi losopher and anthropologist Teilhard de Chard in wrote that evolution was an ascent toward w h a t he ca l l ed " T h e Omega Point," when all consciousnessExpand
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The economy of ideas
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A plain text on crypto policy
ry The field of cryp~raphy, 1 for centuries accustomed to hermetic isolation within a culture as obscure as its ovm puzzles, is suing public. People who thought also-ithms were something you neededExpand
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The economy of ideas : a framework for rethinking patents and copyrights in the digital age
Aqueous coating compositions comprising a water-soluble or water-dispersible copolymer prepared by polymerizing 1,3-pentadiene, 1,3-butadiene and, if desired, at least one other olefinExpand
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Coming into the Country.
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The physiological state with respect to phosphorus of Cayuga Lake phytoplankton1
Natural phytoplankton assemblages from Cayuga Lake were maintained under controlled nutrient conditions in large volume continuous flow laboratory cultures. Changes in the C : P ratio, rate of carbonExpand
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Private life in cyberspace
I have lived most of my life in a small Wyoming town, where there is little of the privacy which both insulates and isolates suburbanites. Anyone in Pinedale who is interested in me or my doings canExpand
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Rates of liberation of phosphate by the zooplankton in Cayuga Lake were measured in late summer when the lake was strongly stratified. About 80% of the phosphorus was liberated in the epilimnion,Expand
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Will Japan jack in?
II am writing this column in a large aluminum tube somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, halfway between E1 Camino Real and the Ginza. An airliner over the gulf which separates the two parallel universesExpand
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