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Microclimate: Vegetation and Fauna.
Code of phytosociological nomenclature
Deuxieme edition de ce code dont la mejeure partie du texte reste inchangee; la division du code ainsi que la numerotation des articles et des recommandations ont ete maintenues
Synusial Approaches to Classification
Most of the classifications discussed in this volume apply in principle to communities or biocoenoses — i.e. the whole assemblages of organisms that live together in a particular site or biotope.
Fidelity and character-species, a critical evaluation
A new concept: ‘elementary coenological unit’ (ECU) is introduced for a taxon-growth-form-microhabitat combination and the criteria for fidelity are discussed, including abundance, cover degree, vitality, fertility and constancy.
A critical evaluation of minimum area concepts
It was found that the species-area curve of sample plots almost invariably follows the Fisher model, however with superimposed oscillations, which are regarded to represent a number of relative MMA's for each phytocoenosis (stand).