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Chemical Kinetics and Photochemical Data for Use in Atmospheric Studies: Evaluation Number 18
This is the eighteenth in a series of evaluated sets of rate constants, photochemical cross sections, heterogeneous parameters, and thermochemical parameters compiled by the NASA Panel for DataExpand
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The Discipline of Teamwork
A leg-type support with automatic length adjustment having at least two vertically movable supporting elements which are coupled by a transmission means so arranged that one of the supportingExpand
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Free Radical Reactions Involving Cl•, Cl2-•, and SO4-• in the 248 nm Photolysis of Aqueous Solutions Containing S2O82- and Cl-
Rate constants and other properties are reported for photochemical reactions initiated by laser photolysis (248 nm) of S2O82-(aq) in acidic solutions containing Cl-(aq) at 297 ± 2 K. The absorptionExpand
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Quantum Transport Theory
Boltzmann transport theory (BTT) is an ideal theory. It has the twin virtues of conceptual and mathematical simplicity. It also works far better than one could reasonably expect from its origin as aExpand
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Photochemical Kinetics of Vibrationally Excited Ozone Produced in the 248 nm Photolysis of O2/O3 Mixtures
Infrared emission from vibrationally excited ozone was monitored as a function of time following pulsed laser photolysis of O3/O2 mixtures with total pressures from 300 to 1800 Torr at 295 K. TheExpand
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Hydrogen Peroxide Photolysis in Acidic Aqueous Solutions Containing Chloride Ions. I. Chemical Mechanism
Equilibrium constants and rate constants involving Cl•(aq), Cl2•-(aq), H2O, and H2O2(aq) are measured at 297 ± 2 K by analyzing the kinetics of formation and decay of Cl2•-. The new results are inExpand
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Master equation models for the pressure- and temperature-dependent reactions HO + NO2 → HONO2 and ho + NO2 → HOONO
Data for the reactions between OH and NO2 have been modeled using a multiwell, multichannel master equation approach. In this work, new ab initio quantum chemical results for cis−cis- andExpand
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