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Crannogs; a diminishing resource? A survey of the crannogs of southwest Scotland and excavations at Buiston Crannog
Res. d'A.: Investigations in the 19th century demonstrated that Scottish crannogs, the distinctive waterlogged settlements in the shallow waters at the edge of lochs, were very rich in organicExpand
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Excavations on Iona, 1979
An extensive report of excavations prior to the extension of the abbey graveyard indicates that radiocarbon dates fall in the 500 to 800 AD range. Specialist reports include the geology, animal bonesExpand
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A history of the Amistad captives
Advertising broadside consisting of a large, woodcut showing the enslaved Africans clubbing a white man, entitled "Death of Capt. Ferrer, the Captain of the Amistad, July 1839." Compiled fromExpand
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Environmental corrections for a neutron-induced gamma-ray spectroscopy logging system in an air-filled borehole
When a nuclear explosive is tested underground, rock in the immediate vicinity of the explosion is heated to very high temperatures. If any of that rock contains carbonates (dolomite or calcite),Expand
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Errors in spetral gamma-ray logs resulting from radon daughters in boreholes
We have observed large, variable errors in uranium estimates based on spectral gamma-ray logs from an air filled borehole. Stripping away the characteristic K, U and Th components of the recordedExpand
In-situ equivalent CO sub 2 estimates using a neutron-induced gamma-ray spectroscopy logging system
We are trying to adapt a commercial neutron-induced gamma-ray spectroscopy log to estimate carbonate content in emplacement (2- 4-m diameter) boreholes at the Nevada Test Site. Such a log would testExpand
Effect of Temperature on the Storage Life of Polysulfide Sealants
Abstract : The storage performance of a range of PR-1422, PR-1436G and PR-1750 two part polysulfide aircraft sealants of A and B classes, packaged both in cans and Semkit form, has been surveyed. TheExpand
Analysis of field placement data for hydrogen content test unit
As requested by Grant Bruesch of Fenix Scisson of Nevada (FSN), the Special Projects Section (SP) of the Holmes Narver (H N) Materials Testing Laboratory has provided support during the fabricationExpand