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Distress About Sex: A National Survey of Women in Heterosexual Relationships
As a consequence of the impact of Viagra on male sexual dysfunction, considerable attention is now being paid to sexual dysfunctions in women, which might respond to pharmacological treatment. ShouldExpand
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The sexual inhibition (SIS) and sexual excitation (SES) scales: I. Measuring sexual inhibition and excitation proneness in men
This study involves the development and initial validation of a questionnaire measuring the propensity for sexual inhibition and excitation in men: the Sexual Inhibition & Sexual Excitation ScalesExpand
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Central inhibition of sexual response in the male: a theoretical perspective
  • J. Bancroft
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
  • 1 October 1999
A theoretical model for central inhibition of sexual response is proposed, postulating individual variability in the propensity for such inhibition. Whereas such inhibition is typically adaptive,Expand
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Sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity, sexual impulsivity, or what? Toward a theoretical model
We critically review the concepts of sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity, and sexual impulsivity and discuss their theoretical bases. A sample of 31 self‐defined sex addicts was assessed by meansExpand
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The dual control model of male sexual response: a theoretical approach to centrally mediated erectile dysfunction
A theoretical model of dual control of male sexual response is considered, based on the balancing of central excitation and inhibition, with individuals varying in their propensity for both sexualExpand
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The Dual Control Model: Current Status and Future Directions
The Dual Control Model proposes that sexual responses involve an interaction between sexual excitatory and sexual inhibitory processes. The model further postulates that individuals vary in theirExpand
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The endocrinology of sexual arousal.
  • J. Bancroft
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of endocrinology
  • 1 September 2005
The relevance of testosterone, oestradiol and certain peptides (oxytocin (OT), beta-endorphin and prolactin (PRL)) to sexual arousal in humans is reviewed. In addition to behavioural studies,Expand
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Human Sexuality and Its Problems
Part 1 The biological basis of human sexuality: the psychosomatic circle basic concepts sexual responses the role of sex hormones in sexual behaviour psychological processes. Part 2 SexualExpand
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Female androgen insufficiency: the Princeton consensus statement on definition, classification, and assessment.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the evidence for and against androgen insufficiency as a cause of sexual and other health-related problems in women and to make recommendations regarding definition, diagnosis,Expand
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Sexual activity and risk taking in young heterosexual men: The relevance of sexual arousability, mood, and sensation seeking
In this research we explored three aspects of personality relevant to sexual activity and sexual risk taking in heterosexual men. Men with low inhibition of sexual arousal in the face of risk (lowExpand
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