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Room-temperature single-photon generation from solitary dopants of carbon nanotubes.
On-demand single-photon sources capable of operating at room temperature and the telecom wavelength range of 1,300-1,500 nm hold the key to the realization of novel technologies that span fromExpand
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Flow-based solution-liquid-solid nanowire synthesis.
Discovered almost two decades ago, the solution-liquid-solid (SLS) method for semiconductor nanowire synthesis has proven to be an important route to high-quality, single-crystalline anisotropicExpand
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Controlled nanoporous Pt morphologies by varying deposition parameters
Typically, dealloying of an alloy can result in an open cell nanoporous structure of the least electrochemically active element. Here, we show that a wider range of nanoporous structures is possibleExpand
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Effect of layer thickness on the high temperature mechanical properties of Al/SiC nanolaminates
Composite laminates on the nanoscale have shown superior hardness and toughness, but little is known about their high temperature behavior. The mechanical properties (elastic modulus and hardness)Expand
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On the origins of hardness of Cu–TiN nanolayered composites
We investigated the mechanical response of physical vapor deposited Cu–TiN nanolayered composites of varying layer thicknesses from 5 nm to 200 nm. Both the Cu and TiN layers were found to consist ofExpand
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Nitrogen-doped graphene-rich catalysts derived from heteroatom polymers for oxygen reduction in nonaqueous lithium-O2 battery cathodes.
In this work, we present a synthesis approach for nitrogen-doped graphene-sheet-like nanostructures via the graphitization of a heteroatom polymer, in particular, polyaniline, under the catalysis ofExpand
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Ozonated graphene oxide film as a proton-exchange membrane.
Graphene oxide (GO) contains several chemical functional groups that are attached to the graphite basal plane and can be manipulated to tailor GO for specific applications. It is now revealed thatExpand
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Heterogeneous to homogeneous melting transition visualized with ultrafast electron diffraction
Golden ultrafast melting Understanding fast melting of metals is important for applications such as welding and micromachining. However, fast melting leaves simulation as the only option for probingExpand
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Smallest metallic nanorods using physical vapor deposition.
Physical vapor deposition provides a controllable means of growing two-dimensional metallic thin films and one-dimensional metallic nanorods. While theories exist for the growth of metallic thinExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous Pt-Ni alloys
Two nanoporous Pt–Ni alloys were synthesized by dealloying ternary amorphous Si–Pt–Ni precursors. Both foams have nearly the same composition, ligament diameter size, and density. However, theirExpand
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