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Lactococcus garvieae in fish: a review.
A state of the art review of fish Lactococcosis including aspects such as pathogen characterization, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis and control measures of the disease in farmed fish are presented. Expand
Occurrence of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in hospital and urban wastewaters and their impact on the receiving river.
A widespread occurrence of antibiotics and ARGs in urban and hospital wastewater and how these effluents, even after treatment, contribute to the spread of these emerging pollutants in the aquatic environment is demonstrated. Expand
Characterization of probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from intestinal microbiota of fish
Evaluating the ability of three lactic acid bacteria isolated from fish to inhibit adhesion of several fish pathogens to host intestinal mucus under in vitro conditions showed that only Lc. Expand
The role of aquatic ecosystems as reservoirs of antibiotic resistance.
This review focuses primarily on the emergence and dissemination of antibiotics resistance in the aquatic environment, with a special emphasis on the role of antibiotic resistance genes. Expand
The role of probiotics in aquaculture.
This review provides a summary of the use of probiotics for prevention of bacterial diseases in aquaculture, with a critical evaluation of results obtained to date. Expand
Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Bacterial Community Composition in a River Influenced by a Wastewater Treatment Plant
It is indicated that WWTP discharges may contribute to the spread of ARGs into the environment and may also impact on the bacterial communities of the receiving river. Expand
Structural Complexity I
This volume is written for undergraduate students who have taken a first course in Formal Language Theory and presents the basic concepts of structural complexity, thus providing the background necessary for the understanding of complexity theory. Expand
A review on the interactions between gut microbiota and innate immunity of fish.
The innate immune mechanisms of protection against pathogens, in relation with the installation and composition of the normal endogenous microbiota in fish and its role on health are reviewed. Expand
Effect of the addition of four potential probiotic strains on the survival of pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) following immersion challenge with Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
Feeding shrimp with diets containing the potential probiotics showed the best feed conversion ratio in comparison with the control groups, and challenge by immersion indicated effectiveness at reducing disease caused by V. parahaemolyticus in shrimp. Expand
Deciding Bisimilarity is P-Complete