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A short questionnaire for the measurement of habitual physical activity in epidemiological studies.
Investigating the construct validity and the test-retest reliability of a self-administered questionnaire about habitual physical activity in young males and females in three age groups in a Dutch population found that level of education was inverselyrelated to the work index, and positively related to the leisure-time index in both sexes.
Obesity in young Dutch adults: I, socio-demographic variables and body mass index.
Age and socio-economic status were the most important socio-demographic determinants of BMI in young adults in three age groups in a Dutch population, and can be useful in directed prevention of obesity.
Food consumption, habitual physical activity, and body fatness in young Dutch adults.
Energy intake was inversely related to percentage of body fat in both sexes after adjusting for lean body mass and physical activity in a multiple regression model, suggesting the existence of a positive energy balance.
Determinants of body fatness in young adults living in a Dutch community
In 1979, the Department of Human Nutrition of the Agricultural University at Wageningen began a research project on obesity in young adults. The main objectives of this project are the investigation
Body fatness, relative weight and frame size in young adults.
It can be stated that the accuracy of estimation of percentage of body fat was not improved when the index of relative weight was adjusted for knee width or wrist width in the present population.
Obesity in young Dutch adults: II, daily life-style and body mass index.
The relationships between aspects of daily life-style and age, level of education, and body mass index were studied in young adult males and females in a Dutch population to suggest that the dailylife-style variables should be interpreted as indicators of more general types of behaviour, some of which may be important determinants of obesity.
[Is screening for scoliosis useful?].