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Influence of anions on the properties of microbial polysaccharides in solution
Abstract The order-disorder transition temperatures of the polysaccharides succinoglycan and xanthan are strongly influenced by the salts present in solution. High concentrations of anions such asExpand
Some fundamental considerations of controlled release
Several physicochemical factors which can influence the interactions between pest and pesticide are described. These relate mainly to the pesticides partition, reaction and diffusion processes. TheExpand
Application to Practical Problems
This section presents some ideas about mathematical modelling in general and relates them to modelling diffusion problems. Expand
Use of the Numerical Method
In chapter 3 Fick’s Second Law has been expressed as a partial differential equation, usually referred to as the diffusion equation. Analytical solutions have been obtained in the form of infiniteExpand
Introduction to the Mathematics of Diffusion
It has already been demonstrated that concentration C depends upon space co-ordinates and upon time. An example of such a relationship is given on page 21, equation (2.1). If M and D are both takenExpand
Introduction to the Diffusion Process
So far, with the aid of the kinetic theory of gases, the reader should be acquainted with some of the factors which influence the movement of molecules. This introduction gives a conceptional pictureExpand
Molecular Motion and the Transfer of Matter
The movement of material from one place to another is a very important process. When the movement concerns bulk material, such as goods being transferred from one geographical location to another,Expand