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Palmitate uptake by cultured hepatocytes: albumin binding and stagnant layer phenomena.
We compared uptake of palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers with uptake by polyethylene membranes under conditions of identical binding and stirring. Hepatocytes and polyethylene display similarExpand
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Beta-lactoglobulin enhances the uptake of free palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers: the relative importance of diffusion and facilitated dissociation.
We compared the uptake of bound palmitate by rat hepatocytes to its uptake by polyethylene using beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) as the binding protein. The experiments were designed to supply a directExpand
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Characterization of a fibrinogenase from northern copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen) venom.
One of the fractions obtained by the carboxymethylcellulose ion-exchange chromatography of northern copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen) venom prevented the thrombin-induced clotting ofExpand
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The liver is an organ site for the release of inosine metabolized by non-glycolytic pig red cells.
The metabolic energy source used by the pig red cell, which is unable to metabolize blood-borne glucose, was examined. Potential physiological substrates include adenosine, inosine, ribose,Expand
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Protein binding of palmitate measured by transmembrane diffusion through polyethylene.
Thin polyethylene membranes permit ready diffusion of protonated long-chain fatty acids but are impermeable to protein and ions. This circumstance recommends polyethylene for measuring the freeExpand
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A thrombin-like enzyme from timber rattlesnake venom.
The procoagulant component has been purified from timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus horridus) venom by DEAE-cellulose ion-exchange chromatography followed by affinity chromatography onExpand
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Subspecific variations in Agkistrodon contortrix venoms
Abstract 1. 1. Commercially available preparations of venoms of three subspecies of copperhead snake ( Agkistrodon contortrix ) were compared as to toxicity, enzymatic activities, effect on aExpand
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A comparison of biological and chemical properties of three North American (Crotalidae) snake venoms.
Abstract Lyophilized northern copperhead, eastern cottonmouth and timber rattlesnake venoms have been compared. All of these commercially available venom preparations have ld 50 values in mice whichExpand
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Palmitate uptake by cardiac myocytes and endothelial cells.
The mechanisms regulating the cellular uptake of long-chain fatty acids are poorly understood. Although there is evidence that hepatocytes facilitate the uptake of ligands from the protein-boundExpand
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