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Complex splicing patterns of RNAs from the early regions of adenovirus-2.
From the large, complex arrays of composite RNA structures, numerous insights into the RNA splicing mechanisms were inferred. Expand
In vitro cytotoxicity of resin-containing restorative materials after aging in artificial saliva
It is concluded that all of these commercially available resin-based dental materials continue to release sufficient components to cause lethal effects or alter cellular function in vitro even after 2 weeks of aging in artificial saliva. Expand
RNA transcription and splicing at early and intermediate times after adenovirus-2 infection.
Electron microscopic studies of R loops formed with early Ad2 RNA in double-stranded Ad2 DNA produced evidence that early region 1 is subdivided into two segments, 1A and 1B. Expand
Anti-rheumatic gold compounds as sublethal modulators of monocytic LPS-induced cytokine secretion.
Sublethal concentrations of AF, GSTM, and Au(III) all may differentially modulate activation of monocytic cells, and this differential modulation may be important in the mechanisms of action of these compounds. Expand
Atom-probe analyses of nanodiamonds from Allende
Atom-probe tomography (APT) is currently the only analytical technique that, due to its spatial resolution and detection efficiency, has the potential to measure the carbon isotope ratios ofExpand
Estrogenicity of bisphenol A and bisphenol A dimethacrylate in vitro.
Flow cytometric methods demonstrated that these mitogenic effects occurred within 24 h of exposure to estrogen, BPA, or BPA-DM, and the increase in DNA synthesis was analogous to that seen with estrogen stimulation. Expand
Selectins and their ligands are required for homing and engraftment of BCR-ABL1+ leukemic stem cells in the bone marrow niche.
It is established that BCR-ABL1(+) leukemic stem cells rely to a greater extent on selectins and their ligands for homing and engraftment than do normal stem cells. Expand
Blue Light Differentially Modulates Cell Survival and Growth
Light-induced exposure differentially affects SDH activity, cell survival, and growth, depending on cell energy consumption, and blue light may be useful as a therapeutic modulator of cell growth and survival. Expand
Early region 1B of adenovirus 2 encodes two coterminal proteins of 495 and 155 amino acid residues.
Partial sequence analysis of tryptic peptides has identified the E1B-495R (E1b-57K) (early transcription region 1B of 495 amino acid residues, with an approximate molecular weight of 57,000) proteinExpand
Dental adhesive compounds alter glutathione levels but not glutathione redox balance in human THP-1 monocytic cells.
  • M. Noda, J. Wataha, +4 authors H. Sano
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B…
  • 1 May 2005
The results indicate that these dental resin compounds act at least partly via oxidative stress by increasing GSH levels at sublethal concentrations, and that oxidative-stress pathways should be one focus of future investigations of monomer biocompatibility. Expand