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The detection of contamination in Trichophyton rubrum and trichophyton mentagrophytes
This report concerns the usefulness of two media, brain heart infusion agar (BHIA) and BCP milk dextrose agar in the detection of contamination inT. rubrum andT. mentagrophytes and provides culturalExpand
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Atmospheric mold counts in Toronto, Canada, 1971.
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The differentiation of Trichophyton rubrum and T. mentagrophytes by use of Christensen's urea broth.
A comparison of the urease activity of 56 strains of T. rubrum and 64 strains of T. mentagrophytes on Christensen's urea medium with and without agar incubated 7 days at 28 °C showed thatExpand
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The effect of sodium chloride on the growth and morphology of dermatophytes and some other keratolytic fungi.
A study of the influence of various concentrations of NaC1 on 21 species of dermatophytes and other keratolytic fungi was made. Based on the sensitivity of the species to various concentrations ofExpand
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Preparation of complement fixing antigen from Cryptococcus neoformans; preliminary report.
Complement fixing antigen from Cryptococcus neoformans strains was prepared by treating the organisms with pyridine for two hours at room temperature, washing three times with buffered 0.85% sodiumExpand
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A simple method of preparing an antigen from Histoplasma capsulatum for use in the complement fixation test.
A simple method for preparation of complement fixing antigen from Histoplasma capsulatum is outlined. The procedure consists of extraction of the sedimented yeast phase growth with pyridine for twoExpand
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A case of cryptococcosis with involvement of lungs and spine.
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Occurrence of Trichophyton megninii in Ontario. Identification with a simple cultural procedure.
Five strains of Trichophyton migninii were isolated in Toronto from four people. One patient probably was infected in Toronto since he had not visited the European endemic area. These were the firstExpand
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Generalized cryptocococcus neoformans infection in a dog.
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Studies on the antigenic structure of Histoplasma capsulatum.
Employing physical and chemical methods eight antigenic fractions were isolated from Histoplasma capsulatum as determined by complement fixation technique. Two of the fractions were found to cross-...
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