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The Versailles Treaty and the Irish-Americans
H ISTORICAL WRITING about American rejection of the Versailles Treaty has too often reflected the inability of historians to resist the temptation to portray the events of 1919-1920 as a classicExpand
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Irish-American Nationalism, 1870-1890.
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The automatic following microscope
Abstract This paper describes an automatic following microscope for use in the analysis of nuclear emulsions. The design incorporates certain features of the earlier prototype which was reported inExpand
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The Irish in the United States.
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Ethnic Group Politics
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Colonial America, 1607-1763
The nation in crisis, 1828-1865
Forging the Nation 1763-1828
Book Review: Beyond the Ballot Box: A Social History of the Boston Irish, 1845–1917
for bringing people to the border -only about a third of the workers come from other areas. Second, though it is true that most workers are young women, they dispute the model of an entirely fastExpand