J. B. Drossopoulos

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The effect of the explant position on the donor plant, illumination and explant pretreatment with high cytokinin concentrations on the induction, proliferation and development of somatic embryos from(More)
To investigate the role of carbonic anhydrase (CA; EC and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC; EC during Medicago sativa seed development, the distribution of both proteins was(More)
Leaf explants of squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) and melon (Cucumis melo L.) were pretreated initially with 113.1, 226.2 or 452.4 µM 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), 46.5, 93 or 186 µM kinetin or a(More)
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