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Identification and quantification of aberrant crypt foci and microadenomas in the human colon.
Twenty-six aberrant crypt foci displayed dysplasia as evident by histologic analysis and the term microadenoma is appropriate and, using this unique approach of examining the human colon, they can be easily identified and quantified.
Transient oligohydramnios in a severely hypovolemic gravid woman at 35 weeks' gestation, with fluid reaccumulating immediately after intravenous maternal hydration.
A case is presented in which an acute maternal hypovolemic situation with oligohydramnios was treated vigorously with intravenous fluid hydration; ultrasonography documented immediate reaccumulation of normal amniotic fluid volume.
The ferning and nitrazine tests of amniotic fluid between 12 and 41 weeks gestation.
Most studies investigating the usefulness of ferning and nitrazine methods for detecting the presence of amniotic fluid following ruptured amniotic membranes have employed samples from vaginal
Small intestinal villous adenoma and celiac disease.
The first patient with presumed celiac disease to present with a jejunal villous adenoma is described, which is believed to be the first case of its kind in the world.
Pharyngeal rhabdomyoma: a clinico-pathological study.
Two cases of pharyngeal rhabdomyoma are presented focusing on the imaging findings, surgical approaches and more specifically on the histopathological and electron microscopic diagnosis of this interesting lesion.
Polyps after Gastrectomy
The patient (then aged 48) underwent Polya partial gastrectomy as elective treatment for a chronic duodenal ulcer in 1961 and began to complain of vomiting the vomit consisted of food or bile, and occasionally contained streaks of blood.
Prenatal sonographic findings associated with a fetal horseshoe kidney.
A case of the prenatal sonographic findings associated with a fetal horseshoe kidney is presented and it is shown that this developmental abnormality occurs between approximately 7 and 9 weeks of gestation.