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The Case for Animal Rights
There are, I know, people who profess to believe in animal rights but do not avow these goals. Factory farming, they say, is wrong—it violates animals’ rights—but traditional animal agriculture isExpand
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Current Normative Concepts in Conservation
A plethora of normative conservation concepts have recently emerged, most of which are ill- defined: biological diversity, biological integrity, ecological restoration, ecological services,Expand
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Animal Liberation: A Triangular Affair
The ethical foundations of the "animal liberation" movement are compared with those of Aldo Leopold's "land ethic," which is taken as the paradigm for environmental ethics in general. NotwithstandingExpand
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Committing to ecological restoration
Efforts around the globe need legal and policy clarification At the September 2014 United Nations Climate Summit, governments rallied around an international agreement—the New York Declaration onExpand
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Whither Conservation Ethics
Today we face an ever deepening environmental crisis, global in scope. What values and ideals, what vision of biotic health and wholeness should guide our response? American conservation began as anExpand
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The Land Ethic
The Darwinian roots of the land ethic or all the environmental ethics so far devised. the land ethic. first sketched by Aldo Leopold (I HR 7-194R), is most popular among professional conservationistsExpand
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The Great New Wilderness Debate
"The Great New Wilderness Debate" is an expansive, wide-ranging collection that addresses the pivotal environmental issues of the modern era. This eclectic volume on the varied constructions ofExpand
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Changing lenses to assess biodiversity: patterns of species richness in sub-Antarctic plants and implications for global conservation
Article discussing patterns of species richness in sub-Antarctic plants and implications for global conservation.
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