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Molecular Phylogenetic Revision of the Freshwater Limpet Genus Ferrissia (Planorbidae: Ancylinae) in North America Yields Two Species: Ferrissia (Ferrissia) Rivularis and Ferrissia (Kincaidilla)
ABSTRACT Members of the gastropod genus Ferrissia Walker, 1903, have a near-cosmopolitan distribution in freshwater ecosystems. Five North American species, distinguished by conchological, habitat,Expand
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E pluribus unum: A phylogenetic and phylogeographic reassessment of Laevapex (Pulmonata: Ancylidae), a North American genus of freshwater limpets.
The North American freshwater limpet genus Laevapex (Walker, 1903) is a ubiquitous inhabitant of lentic and slow-moving lotic habitats east of the Rocky Mountains, but uncertainty clouds itsExpand
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Outline of Classification of Australian Terrestrial Molluscs (Native and Introduced)
Summary Iredale’s higher classification of Australian land snails is reconciled to the better known classifications of Wenz and Zilch (in the Handbuch der Palazoologie) as modified for the higherExpand
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Prehistoric inter-archipelago trading of Polynesian tree snails leaves a conservation legacy
Inter-archipelago exchange networks were an important aspect of prehistoric Polynesian societies. We report here a novel genetic characterization of a prehistoric exchange network involving anExpand
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Crossing the Continental Divide: the Columbia drainage species Juga hemphilli (Henderson, 1935) is a cryptic member of the eastern North American genus Elimia (Cerithioidea: Pleuroceridae)
Pleurocerid gastropods are ecologically prominent and diverse members of the North American freshwater malacofauna. However, their systematic study has been greatly complicated by pronouncedExpand
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Tahitian tree snail mitochondrial clades survived recent mass extirpation
Oceanic islands frequently support endemic faunal radiations that are highly vulnerable to introduced predators [1]. This vulnerability is epitomized by the rapid extinction in the wild of all butExpand
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