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ATL: A model transformation tool
ATL: a model transformation language and its execution environment based on the Eclipse framework is presented and ATL tools provide support for the major tasks involved in using a language: editing, compiling, executing, and debugging. Expand
On the unification power of models
  • J. Bézivin
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Software & Systems Modeling
  • 1 May 2005
It is postulate here that two core relations (representation and conformance) are associated to this principle, as inheritance and instantiation were associated to the object unification principle in the class-based languages of the 80’s. Expand
KM3: A DSL for Metamodel Specification
It is considered in this paper that a DSL (Domain Specific Language) may be defined by a set of models and the notion of metamodel is used to define the source DSL, the target DSL and the transformation DSL itself. Expand
TCS:: a DSL for the specification of textual concrete syntaxes in model engineering
This work proposes a generative solution based on a DSL called TCS (Textual Concrete Syntax), which is used to automatically generate tools for model- to-text and text-to-model transformations. Expand
ATL: a QVT-like transformation language
ATL is presented: a QVT-like model transformation language and its execution environment based on the Eclipse framework and the availability of high quality tool support is also of major importance for the industrial adoption and ultimate success of MDE. Expand
On the Use of Higher-Order Model Transformations
An introduction to HOTs and a survey of the several application cases where their use is relevant are provided and a number of possible future applications of HOTs is also proposed. Expand
Towards a precise definition of the OMG/MDA framework
This paper has employed the neutral formalism of Sowa's conceptual graphs to describe the various situations characterizing this organization, to identify potential problems in the proposed modeling framework and suggest some possible solutions. Expand
First experiments with the ATL model transformation language: Transforming XSLT into XQuery
The original characterization of a technological space as a framework based on a given unique meta-model is proposed, suggesting possible improvements to general model transformation frameworks. Expand
Model Driven Engineering: An Emerging Technical Space
This work focuses on the identification of basic MDE principles, practical characteristics of MDE (direct representation, automation, and open standards), original MDE scenarios, and discussions of suitable tools and methods. Expand