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Are Catfish (Ariidae) Effective Bioindicators for Pb, Cd, Hg, Cu and Zn?
Ariidae catfish species are numerically abundant along the coast of Brazil. Their benthic habits and broad spectrum diets make them good potential candidates for sub-lethal biomonitoring studies. InExpand
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Tissue-specific mercury concentrations in two catfish species from the Brazilian coast
Algumas regioes do Brasil apresentam, altos niveis de emissoes de mercurio (Hg) devido as atividades industriais, e suas especies de peixes podem, portanto, estar expostos a elevados niveis deExpand
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Parasitic castration, growth, and sex steroids in the freshwater bonefish Cyphocharax gilbert (Curimatidae) infested by Riggia paranensis (Cymothoidea)
being unable to repro-duce. Fish were sampled in the middle rio Itabapoana, Brazil, to study the prevalence of parasitism, growth, and sex steroidconcentrations, considering the body size, sex, andExpand
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Evidence of contamination by oil and oil products in the Santos-São Vicente estuary, São Paulo, Brazil
Different components of the mixed function oxidase (MFO) system and the levels of fluorescent aromatic compounds in bile (FACs) were measured in Cathorops spixii in order to assess the impact ofExpand
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Nuclear abnormalities in erythrocytes and morphometric indexes in the catfish Cathorops spixii (Ariidae) from different sites on the southeastern Brazilian coast
Alteracoes nucleares eritrocitarias (ANE) foram consideradas como biomarcadores nos bagres Cathorops spixii (Ariidae) amostrados em um estuario com baixa influencia humana (Cananeia) e em tresExpand
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Infestation pattern and parasitic castration of the crustacean Riggia paranensis (Crustacea: Cymothoidea) on the fresh water fish Cyphocharax gilbert (Teleostei: Curimatidae)
Cyphocharax gilbert infested by Riggia paranensis shows parasitic castration. The prevalence of parasitism in C. gilbert varied among different environments, being higher in the middle rioExpand
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Accumulation and distribution of metals in the tissues of two catfish species from Cananéia and Santos-São Vicente estuaries
Pb, Cd, Zn, and Cu concentrations and their distribution in liver, gill, and muscle tissues of the catfish Cathorops spixii and Genidens genidens were investigated in order to provide informationExpand
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Liver damages and nuclear abnormalities in erythrocytes of Atherinella brasiliensis (Actynopterigii, Atherinopsidade) from two beaches in Southeast of Brazil
There are few environmental studies using biomarkers for the species Atherinella brasiliensis in Brazil. In the present work, the presence of hepatic histopathological lesions and nuclearExpand
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Cyphocharax gilbert is an abundant specie of fish in lagoons and rivers of northern Rio de Janeiro State, been important to the low income populations of Campos dos Goytacazes city and adjacentExpand
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Níveis séricos de leptina e densidade mineral óssea em mulheres na pós-menopausa
OBJECTIVE: to correlate serum leptin concentration with bone mineral density (BMD) in postmenopausal women. METHODS: twenty-two healthy postmenopausal women were included in the present study. BMDExpand
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