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Nitrogen fertilizer: retrospect and prospect.
The rising fertilizer use accompanying more people eating more has been called exponential (1) and prompted fears of polluted water and consequent methemoglobinemia (2) and hypoxia (3). It also hasExpand
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A Primer on Logistic Growth and Substitution: The Mathematics of the Loglet Lab Software
This article describes the mathematics underlying the Loglet Lab software package for loglet analysis. \Loglet analysis" refers to the decomposition of growth and diusion into S-shaped logisticExpand
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Returning forests analyzed with the forest identity
Amid widespread reports of deforestation, some nations have nevertheless experienced transitions from deforestation to reforestation. In a causal relationship, the Forest Identity relates the carbonExpand
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A framework for sustainability science: A renovated IPAT identity
Learning actors' leverage for change along the journey to sustainability requires quantifying the component forces of environmental impact and integrating them. Population, income, consumers'Expand
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Carrying Capacity: A Model with Logistically Varying Limits
We introduce an extension to the widely-used logistic model of growth to a limit that in turn allows for a sigmoidally increasing carrying capacity, that is, the invention and diusion of technologiesExpand
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How much will feeding more and wealthier people encroach on forests
Forests have recently expanded in many countries. The success of the world, including both rich and poor, in following this trend depends on future changes in population, income per capita, appetite,Expand
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Evolving efficiencies in global use of resources suggests that technology can restore the environment even as the population grows. This article discusses secular trends in what technology does withExpand
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Human population dynamics revisited with the logistic model: How much can be modeled and predicted?
Decrease or growth of population comes from the interplay of death and birth (and locally, migration). We revive the logistic model, which was tested and found wanting in early-20th-century studiesExpand
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An international quiet ocean experiment
Author Posting. © Oceanography Society, 2011. This article is posted here by permission of Oceanography Society for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published inExpand
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