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The 'Right to be Forgotten' - Worth remembering?
  • J. Ausloos
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • Comput. Law Secur. Rev.
  • 1 April 2012
A ‘right to be forgotten’ that is limited to data-processing situations where the individual has given his or her consent is proposed, combined with a public-interest exception, which should restore the power balance and allow individuals a more effective control over their personal data. Expand
The Right to Be Forgotten Across the Pond
The ‘right to be forgotten’ has gained increasing traction and significant debate on both sides of the Atlantic since the popularization of Viktor Mayer-Schonberger’s 2009 book, Delete. The term hasExpand
Shattering One-Way Mirrors. Data Subject Access Rights in Practice
There to be an important role for data subject empowerment tools in a hyper-complex, automated and ubiquitous data-processing ecosystem, even if only used marginally, they provide a checks and balances infrastructure overseeing controllers' processing operations, both on an individual basis as well as collectively. Expand
When data protection by design and data subject rights clash
Data protection law has historically faced significant enforcement challenges. Data protection authorities (DPAs) have classically been underfunded and outgunned, possessing limited ability toExpand
Search Engines after 'Google Spain': Internet@Liberty or Privacy@Peril?
Search engines can be portrayed both as champions of freedom and as agents of surveillance. By facilitating the retrieval of online data, they enable a global public to seek, receive and impartExpand
Timing the Right to Be Forgotten: A Study into 'Time' as a Factor in Deciding About Retention or Erasure of Data
The so-called “Right to Be Forgotten or Erasure” (RTBF), article 17 of the proposed General Data Protection Regulation, provides individuals with a means to oppose the often persistent digital memoryExpand
GDPR Transparency as a Research Method
  • J. Ausloos
  • Political Science
  • SSRN Electronic Journal
  • 3 May 2019
Data-driven research is rapidly becoming mainstream across different disciplines in academia and in investigative journalism. One of the key challenges researchers often struggle with is how toExpand
The Right to Be Forgotten in the Internet Era
Especially after its appearance in the European Commission's recent proposal for a new Data Protection Regulation, the 'right to be forgotten' has provoked quite some criticism. Much of theExpand