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The origin and maintenance of separate sexes (dioecy) is an enduring evolutionary puzzle. Although both hermaphroditism and dioecy occur in many diverse clades, we know little about the long‐termExpand
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Taxonomic Revision of the Moss Genus Lepidopilidium (Pilotrichaceae)1
Abstract Lepidopilidium (Müll. Hal.) Broth. (Pilotrichaceae) consists of mainly epiphytic and epiphyllous, pleurocarpous mosses distributed in the tropical, subtropical, and south temperate regionsExpand
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New national and regional bryophyte records, 62
1. Anthoceros tristanianus J.C.Villarreal, J.J.Engel & J.Vaňa Contributors. B. Espinoza-Prieto and J. Opisso Peru. Antabamba Province, Dpto. Apurimac: Juan Espinoza Medrano district, Paraje Ccancca...
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New Stations for Frullania stylifera (Frullaniaceae) Outside of the Type Locality
Abstract. Frullania stylifera, previously known only from its southern Minnesota type locality, is newly documented from stations in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. The species hasExpand
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Hepatics from Rovno amber (Ukraine): Frullania pycnoclada and a new species, F. vanae
Abstract. A study of Rovno amber revealed two species of liverworts in the genus Frullania (Frullaniaceae, Marchantiophyta) that are new to the Late Eocene flora of Rovno amber. Both species areExpand
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Recent literature on bryophytes — 123(4)
‘‘The family which had the highest number of species was Lejeuneaceae.’’] Adie, P. A., S. T. Torsabo, U. A. Uno & J. Ajegi. 2014. Funaria hygrometrica moss as bioindicator of atmospheric pollution ofExpand
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Recent Literature on Bryophytes — 123(1)
Abay, G., M. Altun, O. C. Karakoc, F. Gul & I. Demirtas. 2013. Insecticidal activity of fatty acid-rich Turkish bryophyte extracts against Sitophilus granarius (Coleopteria: Curculionidae).Expand
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Recent literature on bryophytes — 122(2)
Abe, S. & Y. Ohta. 1983. Lunularic acid in cell suspension cultures of Marchantia polymorpha. Phytochemistry 22(9): 1917–1920. [doi: 10.1016/0031-9422(83)80012-0.] Abu-Saqer, K. K. & S. H. Lubbad.Expand
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Index to Evansia Volumes 16 through 35 (1999–2018)
Explanatory Note: This index is intended as a guide to the authors, titles, subjects, taxa and figures published in Evansia during the last twenty years. It is meant to complement the 1998 index thatExpand
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Recent literature on bryophytes — 122(3)
] Liu, J.-H. & S.-P. Wang. 2010. Bioassay on bacteriostasis of bryophyte Ditrichum pallidum. Hubei Agricultural Sciences 49(2): 361–362. [In Chinese.] Liu, S.-X., D. Peng, K.-H. Wang, D. D. Cheng,Expand
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