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The relationship between juvenile psychopathic traits, delinquency and (violent) recidivism: a meta-analysis.
A meta-analysis of k = 53 studies containing 60 non-overlapping samples and 10,073 participants was conducted to investigate whether psychopathy was associated with delinquency and (violent)Expand
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Students' and teachers' cognitions about good teachers.
BACKGROUND Good teachers have been studied ever since Plato described how Socrates taught by asking questions of his audience. Recent findings shed light on two characteristics of good teachers:Expand
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Aftercare programs for reducing recidivism among juvenile and young adult offenders: a meta-analytic review.
The aim of this meta-analytic study, including 22 studies and 5764 participants, was to examine the effects of aftercare programs on recidivism in juvenile and young adult offenders released fromExpand
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Germs and angels: the role of testimony in young children's ontology.
In three experiments, children's reliance on other people's testimony as compared to their own, first-hand experience was assessed in the domain of ontology. Children ranging from 4 to 8 years wereExpand
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Toddlers’ Temperament Profiles: Stability and Relations to Negative and Positive Parenting
This study investigated the type and stability of temperament profiles in toddlers, and relations of profile probability to negative and positive parenting trajectories. Mothers (N = 96) rated theirExpand
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Effects of early prevention programs on adult criminal offending: a meta-analysis.
This meta-analysis investigated the long term effects of prevention programs conducted during early and middle childhood on criminal offending during adulthood. The analyses included 3611Expand
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The effectiveness of institutional youth care over the past three decades: A meta-analysis
A meta-analysis of 27 controlled studies, including 17,038 youth, was conducted to examine the effectiveness of institutional youth care over the past three decades. We compared institutionalExpand
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A meta-analysis of intensive family preservation programs: placement prevention and improvement of family functioning
The aims of the present study were, first, to establish the effect of brief, in-home intensive family preservation programs on prevention of out-of-home placement, family functioning, child behaviorExpand
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Mean-level personality development across childhood and adolescence: a temporary defiance of the maturity principle and bidirectional associations with parenting.
In this study, we investigated mean-level personality development in children from 6 to 20 years of age. Additionally, we investigated longitudinal, bidirectional associations between childExpand
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Gender Differences in the Impact of Abuse and Neglect Victimization on Adolescent Offending Behavior
The present study examines gender differences in the association between abuse and neglect during childhood, and sexual and violent offending in juvenile delinquents. Female juvenile delinquents wereExpand
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