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Leukemia stem cells in a genetically defined murine model of blast-crisis CML.
Myeloid leukemia arises from leukemia stem cells (LSCs), which are resistant to standard chemotherapy agents and likely to be a major cause of drug-resistant disease and relapse. To investigate theExpand
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Noncanonical NF‐κB Signaling Regulates Hematopoietic Stem Cell Self‐Renewal and Microenvironment Interactions
RelB and nuclear factor κB (NF‐κB2) are the main effectors of NF‐κB noncanonical signaling and play critical roles in many physiological processes. However, their role in hematopoieticExpand
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Analysis of the cobalt content in Australian foods.
The cobalt content of Australian foods is unknown, and as this content is, at least in part, related to the respective concentrations in the Australian soil, data collected previously in otherExpand
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The Religion of Paul the Apostle
The Religion of Paul the Apostle, by John Ashton. New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 2000. Pp. x + 261. $28.50 The Oxford scholar John Ashton is well known for his work on the Fourth Gospel.Expand
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Transgene expression in dendritic cells to induce antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells in healthy donors.
Immunization with specific tumor-associated antigen (Ag) (TAA)-pulsed dendritic cells (DC) has proven to be efficacious in a variety of animal models and is being investigated for the treatment ofExpand
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The Setting for a New Public Health
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Tests on mice for evaluating carcinogenicity
Six chemical compounds were tested for carcinogenic potency in mice (C3H/Anf) by subcutaneous implantation or repeated skin application. Three compounds, aminotriazole, AramiteExpand
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Dendritic cells loaded with MART-1 peptide or infected with adenoviral construct are functionally equivalent in the induction of tumor-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses in patients with
Immunization with tumor-specific-associated antigen--pulsed dendritic cells has proved to be efficacious in various animal models and is being evaluated for the treatment of cancer in humans. Use ofExpand
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A Diet Enriched with Red Sorghum Flaked Biscuits, Compared to a Diet Containing White Wheat Flaked Biscuits, Does Not Enhance the Effectiveness of an Energy-Restricted Meal Plan in Overweight and
abstract Objectives: Whole grain sorghum is a promising ingredient in foods, especially those targeting satiety and weight control. This study aimed to test weight loss effects of a whole grain redExpand
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p75NTR: an enhancer of fenretinide toxicity in neuroblastoma
ObjectiveNeuroblastoma is a common, frequently fatal, neural crest tumor of childhood. Chemotherapy-resistant neuroblastoma cells typically have Schwann cell-like (“S-type”) morphology and expressExpand
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