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The Revised Almost Perfect Scale
This article describes the development of the Almost Perfect Scale—Revised (APS—R). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses and data exploring the reliability and construct validity of theExpand
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An efficient method for classifying perfectionists
Multiple samples of university students (N = 1,537) completed the Almost Perfect Scale-Revised (APS-R; R. B. Slaney, M. Mobley, J. Trippi, J. Ashby, & D. G. Johnson, 1996). Cluster analyses,Expand
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A First Study of Perfectionism and Multidimensional Life Satisfaction among Adolescents
Current conceptualizations of perfectionism view the construct as consisting of two subtypes: adaptive and maladaptive. Although research in perfectionism has investigated negative outcomes such asExpand
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Perfectionists: Study of a Criterion Group
The literature on perfectionism was reviewed and was found to be primarily based on a biased sample of perfectionists in treatment and a negative perception of perfectionism related to commonExpand
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Self-esteem as a mediator between perfectionism and depression: A structural equations analysis.
This study of college students (N = 464) examined the association between adaptive and maladaptive dimensions of perfectionism and 2 mental health outcomes (self-esteem and depression). ConfirmatoryExpand
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Multidimensional perfectionism in middle school age gifted students: A comparison to peers from the general cohort
The researchers designed this study to investigate levels of multidimensional perfectionism in identified gifted middle school students and a group of their peers from the general cohort. GiftedExpand
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Perfectionism, Shame, and Depressive Symptoms.
Over the past three decades, research emphasizing the life experiences and personal characteristics of individuals with depression has greatly improved the understanding of depression, particularlyExpand
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Perfectionism: Its Measurement and Career Relevance
The meaning and measurement of the construct of perfectionism has potentially important implications for career choice and career development. The present article reviews the theoretical andExpand
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