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Parathyroid hormone-related protein exhibits antioxidant features in osteoblastic cells through its N-terminal and osteostatin domains
Objectives Oxidative stress plays a major role in the onset and progression of involutional osteoporosis. However, classical antioxidants fail to restore osteoblast function. Interestingly, the boneExpand
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Oxidation inhibits PTH receptor signaling and trafficking.
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) increase during aging, potentially affecting many tissues including brain, heart, and bone. ROS alter signaling pathways and constitute potential therapeutic targets toExpand
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Role of Calcium Signaling in Prostate Cancer Progression: Effects on Cancer Hallmarks and Bone Metastatic Mechanisms
Advanced prostate cancers that progress to tumor metastases are often considered incurable or difficult to treat. The etiology of prostate cancers is multi-factorial. Among other factors,Expand
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Osteocytes and Diabetes: Altered Function of Diabetic Osteocytes
Diabetes mellitus is a prevalent chronic disease affecting millions of people in the world. Bone fragility is a complication found in diabetic patients. Although osteoblasts and osteoclasts areExpand
Efectos de la estimulación mecánica en la comunicación entre células óseas
Resumen La fuerza mecánica es importante para el modelado, el remodelado y la regeneración ósea; estimula a los osteocitos provocando una alteración en la producción y secreción de moléculas deExpand
MINDIN Exerts Protumorigenic Actions on Primary Prostate Tumors via Downregulation of the Scaffold Protein NHERF-1
Simple Summary Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death among men worldwide. Advanced prostate cancer is an incurable disease whose mechanisms of action are still not fully understood.Expand
Mindin secretion by prostate tumors induces premetastatic changes in bone via β-catenin.
Bone metastases are common in advanced prostate cancer patients, but mechanisms by which specific pro-metastatic skeletal niches are formed before tumor cell homing are unclear. We aimed to analyzeExpand