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Oribatid Mites of High Altitude Forests of Taiwan
Twenty-eight species of oribatid mites were collected from high altitude forests of Mt. Pei-ta-wu Shan in the southern part of Taiwan. Among them, Cepheus takasago sp.n., Defectamerus crassisetiger
Geranial: The Alarm Pheromone in the Nymphal Stage of the Oribatid Mite, Nothrus palustris
The presence of an alarm pheromone was demonstrated in the deutonymphal stage of the oribatid mite, Nothrus palustris (C. L. Koch). The active principle was identified as
Soil Mites (Oribatids) Climbing Trees
In general conception, habitats of oribatid mites are soils including mosses, litter, rotten woods and other plant detritus on the soil surface. As Trave (1963) and a few other acarologists took