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HPTLC Fingerprint Profile (Phenolics) of Selected Cyathea Species from Western Ghats, South India
The developed HPTLC profiles can be used for identification and quantitative determination of phenolics, flavonoids, and tannins and are suitable for rapid screening of Cyathea species for chemotypic assessment and also for quality control purposes. Expand
Screening of Bactericidal Activity of Selected Plumbago Species Against Bacterial Pathogens
The bioactive compound plumbagin and extract of aerial parts of Plumbago species show a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity and shows promise as a new drug for various bacterial infectious diseases. Expand
In Vitro Phytochemical and Antibacterial Studies on Rhinacanthus Nasutus (L.) Kurz - A Medicinally Important Plant
The present study observation suggested that a possibility to establish high yielding genotypes by in vitro culture for production of medicinally important bioactive compounds is suggested. Expand
Multipurpose band specific antenna design and realization for wireless authentication device
In this paper, design possibilities for GSM/GPRS antenna is proposed and one of the antenna design was carried out with the available space constraints and better than 50% efficiency has been achieved. Expand
Larvicidal potential of Cyathea species against Culex quinquefasciatus
The present study has confirmed the cytotoxic activity of ethanolic extracts of selected Cyathea species against MCF 7 cell line cultures, which is crucial to manage Culex population so that people can be protected from various mosquito borne diseases. Expand
Antibacterial, cytotoxic and larvicidal potential of Dictyota bartayresiana Lamour
The present results revealed the biopotentials of D. bartayresiana and further investigations are needed to elucidate the active principle. Expand
S The present study was undertaken to explore the phytoprofile of the medicinally important plant Biophytum sensitivum DC (Oxalidaceae). The powder of Biophytum sensitivum (10g) was sequentiallyExpand
Bio-potency of Dictyota ciliata J. Agardh
The phytochemical screening showed the presence of steroids, alkaloids, phenolic groups, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids and tannins in the crude extracts of D. ciliata, which illustrated the highest metabolites presence compared to other tested extracts. Expand
Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Dictyota bartayresiana J.V. Lamouroux and their Cytotoxic Potentials
The results of the present study demonstrated a simple, rapid and economically cheap route to synthesize AgNPs using aqueous extract of Dictyota bartayresiana thallus and confirmed that AgNPS are capable of rendering high cytotoxic activity and hence has a great potential in the preparation of anti-cancer drugs. Expand