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Ordinary states: Everyday corruption and the politics of space in Mumbai
In this article, I draw from fieldwork on the micropractices of hawkers' illicit dealings with low-level state functionaries in Mumbai, India, to explore how claims to city space are negotiated. IExpand
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Guardians of the Bourgeois City: Citizenship, Public Space, and Middle–Class Activism in Mumbai 1
This article examines the new phenomenon of “citizens’ groups” in contemporary Mumbai, India, whose activities are directed at making the city's public spaces more orderly. Recent scholarship onExpand
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The Mall and the Street: Practices of Public Consumption in Mumbai
Practices of consumption are at the center of diverse debates surrounding the changing landscape of post-industrial Mumbai, India. For many, the city’s glittering new supermarkets and shopping mallsExpand
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Urban navigations : politics, space and the city in South Asia
Introduction: Conceptualising the City in South Asia Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria and Colin McFarlane Part I: Contested Landscapes 1. The Nuisance of Slums: Environmental Law and the Production of SlumExpand
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Text, genre, society: Hindi youth films and postcolonial desire
This paper proposes a renewed, interdisciplinary approach to the study of popular Hindi film, which uses the notion of genre to understand the relationship between individual films and socialExpand
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Governing the Contaminated City: Infrastructure and Sanitation in Colonial and Postcolonial Bombay International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to third parties in any format or medium, without prior permission or charge, for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-pro tExpand
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Urban Calamities
One month prior to Hurricane Katrina, the city of Mumbai, India, experienced similar unprecedented and disastrous flooding. In contrast to New Orleans, however, the Mumbai floods were not marked byExpand
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Talking back to the state: citizens' engagement after neoliberal reform in India
In this article we propose a different approach to the study of neoliberalism. We shift away from institutionally focused accounts of neoliberalism as a strategy of rule, to examine the way citizensExpand
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The Slow Boil: Street Food, Rights and Public Space in Mumbai
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