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Measurement of the type A behavior pattern in children: assessment of children's competitiveness, impatience-anger, and aggression.
Data from a program of research are supportive of the reliability and validity of the MYTH and represent a first step in the development of an instrument to assess pattern A in elementary school-aged children. Expand
Measurement of the type A behavior pattern in children: assessment of children's competitiveness, impatience-anger, and aggression.
The results of a program of research designed to produce an adequate measure of the type A behavior pattern in children are reported. The type A pattern is a risk factor for heart disease inExpand
Shame in Parkinson’S Disease: A Review
PD-related shame may emerge from motor and non-motor symptoms, from self-perception of inadequacy due to loss of autonomy and need for help, or from perceived deterioration of body image, which may open a window for pharmacotherapy. Expand
Se planteo como objetivo en la investigacion presentar evidencia empirica sobre las propiedades psicometricas del Cuestionario para Evaluar Clima Social del Centro Escolar (CECSCE) en una muestra deExpand
Psychometric properties of the questionnaire to assess school social climate (CECSCE)
The objective of this article was to report empirical evidence about the psychometric properties of the Questionnaire to Assess School Social Climate (CECSCE) in a sample of 977 students from theExpand
The Emotional Driver A Study of the Driving Experience and the Road Context
In modern societies the activity of driving has become almost an essential routine. Vehicles are considered by many as indispensable tools for accomplishing their daily tasks and they are the mainExpand
PlayRightNow - Designing a media player experience for PlayNow arena
A design of a media player tailored for PlayNowTM arena is proposed, which is believed to have the potential of providing its users with a better experience in relation to digital content, as well as attracting new customers and increasing the revenue of this media portal. Expand
Empirical Evidence on the Determination of the Level of Education and Income of Consumers in the Preferential Purchase Criterion based on Product Differentiation
Introduction: The purpose of working on the design of discrete choice models for business and market studies strongly concentrating the attention in product differentiation and demographicExpand
Embarrassment and Shame in People With Parkinson's Disease: A New Tool for Self-Assessment
Preliminary analysis of psychometric properties suggests that SPARK could be an acceptable and reliable instrument for assessing shame and embarrassment in PD and could help healthcare professionals to identify and characterize PD-induced shame and embarrassed patients. Expand
How Rational Is the Reluctance to Be Vaccinated against COVID-19? An Economic Approach
This paper considers a static game in which a player makes a decision in the first moment of whether or not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and then nature acts. In making the decision the playerExpand