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A hyperpolarization-activated inward current in heart interneurons of the medicinal leech
Heart interneurons (HN cells) in isolated ganglia of the medicinal leech were voltage-clamped with single microelectrodes. Hyperpolarizing voltage steps elicited a slow inward current (Ih), whichExpand
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Synchronized oscillatory activity in leech neurons induced by calcium channel blockers.
1. Leech ganglia were superfused with salines in which Ca2+ was replaced with equimolar concentrations of Co2+, Ni2+, or Mn2+. These salines elicited rhythmic membrane potential oscillations withExpand
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Mechanisms of postinhibitory rebound and its modulation by serotonin in excitatory swim motor neurons of the medicinal leech
Postinhibitory rebound (PIR) is defined as membrane depolarization occurring at the offset of a hyperpolarizing stimulus and is one of several intrinsic properties that may promote rhythmicExpand
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Neural control of behaviour in Ascaris
Abstract The Ascaris motor nervous system contains about 90 motorneurons and interneurons. In order to understand its function, our strategy has been to start with an extensive morphological analysisExpand
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Persistent inward currents in cultured Retzius cells of the medicinal leech
  • J. Angstadt
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of Comparative Physiology A
  • 1999
Abstract Current-clamp studies of cultured leech Retzius cells revealed inward rectification in the form of slow voltage sags in response to membrane hyperpolarization. Sag responses were eliminatedExpand
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Calcium currents and graded synaptic transmission between heart interneurons of the leech
Synaptic transmission between reciprocally inhibitory heart interneurons (HN cells) of the medicinal leech was examined in the absence of Na-mediated action potentials. Under voltage clamp,Expand
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Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair: Postoperative Antibiotics Decrease Incidence of Seroma-Related Cellulitis
Seroma formation has been documented as a common complication in laparoscopic ventral herniorraphy. However, there are no recent studies documenting the incidence of or protective strategies againstExpand
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Sodium-dependent plateau potentials in cultured Retzius cells of the medicinal leech.
1. Individual leech Retzius (Rz) cells were removed from mid-body ganglia and plated in cell culture on concanavalin A or polylysine. Experiments on the majority of cells were performed after 6-11Expand
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Single-cell analysis reveals cell-specific patterns of expression of a family of putative voltage-gated sodium channel genes in the leech.
To understand the molecular basis of nervous system function in the leech, Hirudo medicinalis, we have isolated four novel cDNAs encoding putative voltage-gated sodium (Na) channel alpha subunits,Expand
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Slow active potentials in ventral inhibitory motor neurons of the nematode Ascaris
SummaryThe ability of ventral inhibitory motor neurons of the nematode Ascaris to generate slow depolarizing potentials was investigated using intracellular recording and current injection. InExpand
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