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Bose–Einstein condensation of atomic gases
The early experiments on Bose–Einstein condensation in dilute atomic gases accomplished three long-standing goals. First, cooling of neutral atoms into their motional ground state, thus subjectingExpand
Sonic black holes in dilute Bose-Einstein condensates
The sonic analog of a gravitational black hole in dilute-gas Bose-Einstein condensates is investigated. It is shown that there exist both dynamically stable and unstable configurations which, in theExpand
Dark-bright solitons in inhomogeneous Bose-Einstein condensates.
We investigate dark-bright vector solitary wave solutions to the coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations which describe an inhomogeneous two-species Bose-Einstein condensate. While these structuresExpand
Dynamics of a two-mode Bose-Einstein condensate beyond mean-field theory
We study the dynamics of a two-mode Bose-Einstein condensate in the vicinity of a mean-field dynamical instability. Convergence to mean-field theory (MFT), with increasing total number of particlesExpand
A second order phase transition induced by a rapid quench can inject far more topological defects into the ordered phase than would appear in equilibrium. We use quantum kinetic theory to show thatExpand
Deconstructing Decoherence
The study of environmentally induced superselection and of the process of decoherence was originally motivated by the search for the emergence of classical behavior out of the quantum substrate, inExpand
Creating vortex rings and three-dimensional skyrmions in Bose-Eeinstein condensates.
We propose a method of generating a vortex ring in a Bose-Einstein condensate by means of electromagnetically induced atomic transitions. Some remnant population of atoms in a second internal stateExpand
Local vortex generation and the surface mode spectrum of large Bose-Einstein condensates.
  • J. Anglin
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 29 June 2001
A combination of analytical and numerical approaches obtains the complete dispersion curve for surface excitations in a condensate held in a plane linear potential. This improvement on previousExpand