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Breeding of non-bitter cucumbers
A large number of seedlings of various cucumber varieties have been tested for bitterness. In the American variety Improved Long Green one plant was encountered that was non-bitter. This form ofExpand
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The breeding of scab-resistant frame cucumbers in the Netherlands
SummaryScab caused by the fungus Cladosporium cucumerinum, may cause serious damage to frame cucumbers. Bulbosan (trichlorotrinitrobenzene) is an effective chemical means of control. Between 1945 andExpand
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Seven years experience with hybrid tomatoes
SummaryFrom 1950 to 1956 a total number of 196 hybrids was tested in coldhouses. After continuous selection eleven commercially acceptable hybrids remained. In comparison with commercial varietiesExpand
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The practical importance of an identification of garden pea varieties in the seedling stage
Summary1.With the aid of the first and second scale, in combination with seed and other characteristics of the young plants, it is possible to identify the numerous commercial garden pea varieties. AExpand
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Tomato variety trials, 1948-1949.
Commercial trials of tomatoes, 1948-49.
Breeding of dwarf French beans.