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Valid conjunction inference with the minimum statistic
In logic a conjunction is defined as an AND between truth statements. In neuroimaging, investigators may look for brain areas activated by task A AND by task B, or a conjunction of tasks (Price,Expand
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A multi-modal parcellation of human cerebral cortex
Understanding the amazingly complex human cerebral cortex requires a map (or parcellation) of its major subdivisions, known as cortical areas. Making an accurate areal map has been a century-oldExpand
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Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Research Roadmap
The goal of this roadmap paper is to summarize the state-of-the-art and to identify critical challenges for the systematic software engineering of self-adaptive systems. The paper is partitioned intoExpand
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Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Second Research Roadmap
The goal of this roadmap paper is to summarize the state-of-the-art and identify research challenges when developing, deploying and managing self-adaptive software systems. Instead of dealing with aExpand
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On Patterns for Decentralized Control in Self-Adaptive Systems
Self-adaptation is typically realized using a control loop. One prominent approach for organizing a control loop in self-adaptive systems is by means of four components that are responsible for theExpand
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Placebo in Emotional Processing— Induced Expectations of Anxiety Relief Activate a Generalized Modulatory Network
Placebo analgesia and reward processing share several features. For instance, expectations have a strong influence on the subsequent emotional experience of both. Recent imaging data indicateExpand
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FORMS: Unifying reference model for formal specification of distributed self-adaptive systems
The challenges of pervasive and mobile computing environments, which are highly dynamic and unpredictable, have motivated the development of self-adaptive software systems. Although noteworthyExpand
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Predictability modulates the affective and sensory-discriminative neural processing of pain
Knowing what is going to happen next, that is, the capacity to predict upcoming events, modulates the extent to which aversive stimuli induce stress and anxiety. We explored this issue byExpand
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Modeling Dimensions of Self-Adaptive Software Systems
It is commonly agreed that a self-adaptive software system is one that can modify itself at run-time due to changes in the system, its requirements, or the environment in which it is deployed. AExpand
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When all hypotheses are right: A multifocal account of dyslexia
Many hypotheses have been proposed about the brain underpinnings of developmental dyslexia, but none of them accommodates the variable deficits observed. To address the issue of anatomical deficitsExpand
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