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Consequences of slip rate constraints on earthquake occurrence relations
abstract Three functional forms for earthquake occurrence relations are compared, and slip rate constraints on each are derived. Constrained occurrence relations referred to total fault area, toExpand
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Strong Ground Motion from the Michoacan, Mexico, Earthquake
The network of strong motion accelerographs in Mexico includes instruments that were installed, under an international cooperative research program, in sites selected for the high potenial of a largeExpand
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Site response, attenuation and source spectra of S waves along the Guerrero, Mexico, subduction zone
Acceleration spectra from nine earthquakes and up to 11 stations per earthquake are inverted to find the source spectra, the site response, and the quality factor Q of S waves. This method is appliedExpand
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Earthquake size as a function of fault slip rate
Abstract Estimates of the potential size of earthquakes on mapped active faults are generally based on regressions of earthquake magnitude ( M w ) versus length ( L ) of fault rupture for historicalExpand
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A composite source model for computing realistic synthetic strong ground motions
A composite source model is presented for convolution with synthetic Green's functions, in order to synthesize strong ground motions due to a complex rupture process of a large earthquake. SubeventsExpand
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To develop credibility of synthetic seismograms for engineering applications, there is a need for a quantitative score that can be used to characterize the how well the synthetic matches theExpand
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Ultrasensitive absorption spectroscopy with a high-finesse optical cavity and off-axis alignment.
A simple and easy to use method that allows high-finesse optical cavities to be used as absorption cells for spectroscopic purposes is presented. This method introduces a single-mode continuous-waveExpand
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Isotope Specific Kinetics of Hydroxyl Radical (OH) with Water (H2O): Testing Models of Reactivity and Atmospheric Fractionation
Gas-phase hydrogen (H) abstractions from molecules by free radicals have been studied extensively. They form the simplest class of elementary reactions and also play a key role in atmosphericExpand
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Estimating the seismicity from geological structure for seismic-risk studies
abstract Starting with geological data, this paper estimates the seismicity for applications in seismic risk studies. The rate at which seismic moment is released can be estimated on a fault when theExpand
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Taxonomy of κ: A Review of Definitions and Estimation Approaches Targeted to Applications
to zero epicentral distance, thus correcting for the regional effect of anelastic Q. In this note,we discuss the use of κ0 in various engineering seismology applications today and why interest inExpand
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