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Application of water quality indices and analysis of the surface water quality monitoring network in semiarid North-Central Chile
The current study presents the application of a water quality index in four watersheds of the 29°–33°S realm for the period 1999–2008, based on the Canadian Council of Ministers for the Environment approach and the Chilean regulation for irrigation water quality.
A rich vein? Mining and the pursuit of sustainability.
How mining practices have evolved to consider sustainability over the last few decades is reviewed and what challenges still need to be overcome are remarked on.
Biodesalination: A Case Study for Applications of Photosynthetic Bacteria in Water Treatment1[C]
This article uses the example of biodesalination as a vehicle to review the availability of tools and methods for the exploitation of cyanobacteria in water biotechnology, relating to strain selection, environmental factors, genetic manipulation, ion transport, cell-water separation, process design, safety, and public acceptance.