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Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid
Appendix 3: Glossary of terms and acronyms
The list of definitions and acronyms of relevance to satellite-to-ground radiowave propagation has been collected over many conferences. Expand
Appendix 1: Terms and definitions relating to space radiocommunications
The information in this appendix was originally extracted from Report 204-6, of the same title, contained in Section 4A of Volume IV Part 1, Fixed Satellite Service and, more recently, updated with information from Recommendations 310-9 (Definitions of Terms Relating to Propagation in Non-Ionized Media) and 311-6 (Presentation of Data in Studies of Tropospheric-Wave Propaganda). Expand
Appendix 4: ITU-R propagation series recommendations
This appendix covers non-ionized media propagation, data acquisition, data analysis tropospheric propagation, radio links, ionospheric disturbance warnings, transmission loss, ground-waveExpand
Appendix 2: Useful general equations
This appendix considers equations that appear in the text or are referred to in the text of the book.
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