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LSST Science Book, Version 2.0
A survey that can cover the sky in optical bands over wide fields to faint magnitudes with a fast cadence will enable many of the exciting science opportunities of the next decade. The Large Synoptic
Explosive Transients in the Local Universe
R. Lynne Jones, Lucianne M. Walkowicz, Julius Allison, Scott F. Anderson, Andrew C. Becker, Joshua S. Bloom, John J. Bochanski, W. N. Brandt, Mark W. Claire, Kem H. Cook, Christopher S. Culliton,
Implementation of a goodness-of-fit test for finding optimal concurrent radio and {\gamma}-ray pulsar light curves
Since the launch of the Fermi Large Area Telescope in 2008 the number of known ${\gamma}$-ray pulsars has increased immensely to over 200, many of which are also visible in the radio and X-ray bands.