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Educational mismatches and skills: new empirical tests of old hypotheses
This article empirically explores how the often reported relationship between educational mismatches and wages can best be understood. Exploiting the newly published Programme for InternationalExpand
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Forum The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe: Modelling the colonisation of Sahul
Abstract Elsewhere we have developed a speculative model of the early human colonisation of Sahul (Pleistocene Australia-New Guinea). Here we elaborate it, using theory from behavioural ecology, andExpand
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Port Essington : The Historical Archaeology of a North Australian Nineteenth-Century Military Outpost
9 781920 898878 Studies in Australasian Historical Archaeology 1 in 1966 Jim Allen undertook the first professional excavation of a European site in Australia. the 1840s military settlement ofExpand
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Both half right:Updating the evidence for dating first human arrivals in Sahul
Abstract This paper updates our previous analyses of the evidence for the timing of human arrival in Sahul. It reviews advances in dating technologies, summarises new data for sites published aExpand
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The long and the short of it: Archaeological approaches to determining when humans first colonised Australia and New Guinea
Abstract Despite significant advances in radiometric dating technologies over the last 15 years, and concerted efforts in that time to locate and date new sites and redate known sites in AustraliaExpand
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Optimal estimations of individuals in archaeological faunal assemblages: how minimal is the MNI?
In recent years the calculation of the minimum number of individuals (MNI) represented in archaeological faunal collections has become standard practice in excavation reports, and refinements of thisExpand
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Competencies, higher education and career in Japan and the Netherlands
This book investigates how social and cultural factors affect the education, training and career development of graduates of higher education in Japan and the Netherlands. Despite their differentExpand
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