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Radiation Around the Earth to a Radial Distance of 107,400 km.
Radiation detectors and the radio-telemetry system for Pioneer III observations of the Earth's radiation belt are described. Information is given on the vehicle and its trajectory, and logs of flightExpand
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Sources and Sinks of Energetic Electrons and Protons in Saturn's Magnetosphere
This paper reports the results of continuing analysis and interpretation of energetic particle observations obtained by the University of Iowa instrument on Pioneer 11 during traversal of Saturn'sExpand
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Absorption of energetic protons by Saturn's ring g. Progress report for FY83
In a preliminary paper on Pioneer 11 observations of energetic particles in Saturn's inner magnetosphere, Van Allen et al. 1980a reported a distinctive absorption feature at a radial distance rExpand
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Drebrin controls neuronal migration through the formation and alignment of the leading process
Formation of a functional nervous system requires neurons to migrate to the correct place within the developing brain. Tangentially migrating neurons are guided by a leading process which extendsExpand
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Observation of High Intensity Radiation by Satellites 1958 Alpha and Gamma
A preliminary report of results obtained concerning radiation intensities measured with single Geiger tubes carried by Explorer I and III is presented. Resonable cosmic-ray counting rates wereExpand
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Radiation observations with satellite 1958 ε
A preliminary account is given of the radiation observations made with Satellite 1958e. The earlier discovery of the great radiation belt around the earth with Satellites 1958α and 1958γ has beenExpand
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The energetic charged particle absorption signature of Mimas. Progress report
Data are presented for a one-minute dip in electron intensity that was observed coherently by four different detectors at 1546:51 ERT on DOY 244/1979 as Pioneer 11 crossed the orbit of Mimas inboundExpand
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Recovery of interplanetary cosmic ray intensity following the Great Forbush Decrease of mid-1991
There was a succession of major solar flares in late-May to mid-June 1991. Their effects on cosmic ray intensity were observed by six spacecraft at various points in the heliosphere and byExpand
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The geomagnetically trapped corpuscular radiation
Introduction—One of the most interesting geophysical discoveries of recent years was that made with the early United States satellites Explorer I (satellite 1958α) and Explorer III (satellite 1958γ).Expand
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Radiation Measurements to 658,300 Km. with Pioneer IV
The flight of deep-space probe Pioneer IV is described, and radiation observations obtained are reported and discussed in comparison with Pioneer II and the first Soviet cosmic rocket results. InExpand
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