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Landscapes and Riverscapes: The Influence of Land Use on Stream Ecosystems
  • J. Allan
  • Environmental Science
  • 22 November 2004
▪ Abstract Local habitat and biological diversity of streams and rivers are strongly influenced by landform and land use within the surrounding valley at multiple scales. However, empiricalExpand
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H umans have long been fascinated by the dynamism of free-flowing waters. Yet we have expended great effort to tame rivers for transportation, water supply, flood control, agriculture, and powerExpand
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Landscape influences on stream biotic integrity assessed at multiple spatial scales
The biological integrity of stream ecosystems depends critically on human activities that affect land use/cover along stream margins and possibly throughout the catchment. We evaluated streamExpand
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The influence of catchment land use on stream integrity across multiple spatial scales
3. The River Raisin basin historically was a region of oak-savannah and wetlands. It was deforested, drained and converted to farmland during the mid-nineteenth century. Human population reached aExpand
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Life History Patterns in Zooplankton
  • J. Allan
  • Biology
  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 January 1976
Freshwater zooplankton exhibit a continuum of compromises in their means of meeting the presumably conflicting demands of maximizing the potential for rapid increase, predator avoidance, andExpand
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Functional Organization of Stream Fish Assemblages in Relation to Hydrological Variability
Stream fish assmemblage data for 34 sites in Wisconsin and Minnesota were obtained from archived sources and were used in conjunction with long—term hydrological data to test the hypothesis thatExpand
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Overfishing of Inland Waters
Abstract Inland waters have received only slight consideration in recent discussions of the global fisheries crisis, even though inland fisheries provide much-needed protein, jobs, and income,Expand
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Stream Ecology
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Assessing Biotic Integrity of Streams: Effects of Scale in Measuring the Influence of Land Use/Cover and Habitat Structure on Fish and Macroinvertebrates
  • M. Lammert, J. Allan
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Environmental management
  • 1 February 1999
/ Fish and macroinvertebrate assemblage composition, instream habitat features and surrounding land use were assessed in an agriculturally developed watershed to relate overall biotic condition toExpand
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Biodiversity conservation in running waters
In the concerns about biodiversity conservation, fresh waters have received less attention than tropical forests and oceans. However, running waters harbor a diverse panoply of species, habitats, andExpand
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