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Aerodynamic drag and pressure measurements on a simplified tractor-trailer model
Abstract The results of wind-tunnel tests on two boxes in tandem are reported. The front box represents the cab of a tractor-trailer road vehicle and the rear box represents the load. Measurements ofExpand
Persian metal technology, 700-1300 A.D
Abu'l Qasim's Treatise on Ceramics
The metalworking industry in Iran in the early Islamic period
Although there are a few general surveys of early Islamic metalwork, and numerous detailed studies of particular objects or object groups, no comprehensive study of the metalworking industry in IranExpand
Syria and Iran : three studies in medieval ceramics
This book has three parts. The first, a monograph by Oliver Watson and Venetia Porter, identifies and categorizes Tell Minis ware, a hitherto-unrecognized class of medieval Syrian pottery of theExpand
The ship and its anchorage, crew, and passengers
For almost a millennium, a modest wooden ship lay underwater off the coast of Serce Limani, Turkey, filled with evidence of trade and objects of daily life. The ship, now excavated by the InstituteExpand
The Art and Architecture of Twelver Shi'ism: Iraq, Iran and the Indian Sub-Continent
Twelver Shi'ism is the dominant faith in southern Iraq and Iran and it has had a major historical role also in India, in particular in the Deccan and in Lucknow, but its distinctive art andExpand
Metalwork of the Islamic World: The Aron Collection
This superbly illustrated catalogue of Islamic metalwork from the Aron collection contains forty-four pieces ranging in date from the 9th to the 19th centuries. A highlight is a hitherto unpublishedExpand